Top Engineering Universities in Sri Lanka

If you're looking for the top engineering universities in Sri Lanka, We've compiled a list of both public and private ones for your consideration.

A photo of the campus of University of Moratuwa

Based on a recent poll of the general public, these are the top engineering Universities in Sri Lanka in no particular order 

  1. University of Moratuwa
  2. University of Colombo
  3. University of Peradiniya
  4. University of Ruhuna
  5. University of Kelaniya

However, these top universities are extremely selective. So you may want to consider private institutes that award UGC-Recognized degrees.

The added bonus is that they finish faster, and may be more recognized internationally than the 5 state universities listed above – especially if they are awarded in partnership with UK Universities like UWE-Bristol (Ranked #28 in the UK).


Top Quality Engineering  Private Universities:

Auston Institute Campus in Colombo
BIET Campus in Colombo
  1. Auston Institute – School of Engineering
  2. Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology
  3. Sri Lanka Institute of Advanced Technology
  4. Sri Lanka Telecom Training Center
  5. Australian College of Business and Technology


How are they recognized?

A proper private institute will have 3 levels of their own controls:

  1. UGC Recognition for their partner university
  2. A proper business registration with the ‘Education’ trade listed
  3. Internal quality control processes

British Institute of Engineering and Technology has all the above 3 requirements and in addition is partnered with the top-ranked UK University in Sri Lanka UWE-Bristol. We offer 3 degrees in the main engineering fields:

Read more about our programmes by clicking the link above or get in touch with our consultants who can advise you at 071 873 4226 or 071 873 4230