About Us

British Institute of Engineering and Technology is a private university that was inspired by Auston Institute, Singapore.

Together, we have been preparing students for careers in engineering, IT, and project management.

We have produced more than 2000 graduates in Sri Lanka who have achieved success in their careers across a range of geographies: from Sri Lanka to Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, across the Middle East, and Canada.

For the first 10 years Auston Institute was located in 534 Galle Road, Colombo 3.

Today – we are located at 2 Castle Lane, Colombo 4

Auston Institute Campus in Colombo


To provide whole person education through character development, social growth, and career links.


We aim to be the leading private university for engineering studies. This will be based on quality, student experience, and monitoring our graduates for successful careers.


Consistent Class Delivery

High Quality Learning Experiences

Practical and Hands-On Approach

Future-Ready Content

Learning, Teaching, & Assessment

B.I.E.T. is preparing students to be the top-talent of engineering and technology businesses focusing on developing work place readiness skills. This means that we must prepare students for the real-world with robust skills and knowledge, and ensure their expertise through thorough assessment based on industry related systems.

We select future-focused subjects

We know this because our students come from industry and also experience great success when they continue their work. This includes careers from leading organizations such as MAS holdings, Dialog Axiata, Sri Lanka Telecom, Mobitel Sri Lanka, Airtel Sri Lanka, Nestle, John Keells, Abans Sri Lanka, Standard Chartered Bank, HSBC, Siemens, Micron Electronics, Otis Elevator Co Pte Ltd, Samsung Electronics and many more.

We teach with the real-world in mind

We use extensive lab equipment and practical sessions rather than theory. Some examples of the implementations include Telecommunication Training System (with Fiber Optics), Antenna Training System, DSP Development on Texas development systems, Embedded systems development on Mikroelektronika and Arduino based devices, Multisim Simulations, MATLAB implementations, LabView Virtual Instrumentation Systems and more. Some examples of Lab equipment we use are Digital Storage Oscilloscopes, Function Generators, Power Meters, Frequency Counters, Digital Multimeters, Digital Probes and more.

We assess rigorously for expected work-expectations

In a world where academic standards are becoming frivolous and easily manipulated, we use a complex set of assessments methodologies to ensure students are able to perform in a real world environment adopting diagnostic, formative and summative assessment techniques such as in-class tests, pre-tests, interviews, guided reading, early feedback sessions, interim reports, continuous assessment based on lab experiments in addition to final examinations, project reports and papers.

We adopt learning methods at all levels

Besides well-structured class sizes and lesson plans, B.I.E.T. also adopts Learning Methods at all levels including tutorial to support understanding, revision sessions for all classes, student-led presentations, extra-curricular study requirements and lab sessions where appropriate.


Graduates Hired!

Some of the companies that employ our graduates are:

  • MAS Holdings
  • Dialog Axiata
  • Nestle
  • John Keels
  • Abans
  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • Siemens
  • Micron Electronics
  • Otis Elevator Co Pte Ltd
  • Samsung Electronics
  • and more…

Learning Facilities

Telecommunication Training System (with Fiber Optics)
Antenna Training System
Texas Instruments DSP Development Boardsr
M68H12 Microcontroller Development Boards
Arduino Microcontroller Boards
MultiSim Simulation Software
Matlab Software
Labview Virtual Instrumentation System
Laboratory Equipments (Digital oscilloscopes, Power Meters, Function Generators, Frequency Counters, Digital Multimeters and more)
and more

Why Choose B.I.E.T.


Working for large companies in Sri Lanka or abroad.


Our Singapore branch started in 1996 and still runs till today.

# 100

We are partnered with the highest ranked UK University in Sri Lanka